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New Game in the Makeing

2009-04-05 22:33:05 by Wadukadoo

So, my first game Grandpa RPG wasn't really a hit. Personally I thought it was medeocrally entertaining, and took mabey a couple hours to beat, and was fun for most of that time. But anyway, I'm working on a new game about a unicorn, i dont think it will be an RPG but you will probably still be able to upgrade your unicorn.
I am not going to animate it this time, im am going to have a friend help me at school, mainly because i hate animating because i suck at it. She isn't much better but at least it can have a different feel than grandpa RPG because that was the part most people seemed to dislike about Grandpa RPG. I don't know any fantastic flash artists so hopfully the new grounds users can enjoy it regardless.

Now i Thank You if you actually read this message, and care a tiny bit.


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